Introbangla is bringing in a Carrier Marketplace

Introbangla Limited, one of the leading IT companies in Bangladesh, plans to set up an open Carrier Marketplace featuring Trips, Moves, Deliveries, and Stores for a regular B2B2C Trade & Delivery ecosystem.

The company has applied to the CAB and Bangladesh post office, seeking approval for its eCommerce Application named “OTO (On Thy Own Application)”.

OTO Application aims to lead the country’s booming Digital Transformation System (DTS) revolution which facilitates the day-to-day Trips, Moves, Deliveries, and Trades needs of the people. OTO sets itself apart by ensuring meticulous customer service and is on a mission to deliver anything, straight to customers’ doors through its conglomerate platforms.

OTO Application will comply with the government’s e-commerce guidelines. OTO will serve limitless trips for travelers and provide e-commerce companies with expedited, urban, on-demand, same-day, and next-day deliveries, and has compiled last-mile delivery solutions for consumers, e-commerce companies, and retailers.

Additionally, OTO will be pioneering quick commerce, the next generation of e-commerce, aiming to bring groceries and household goods to customers within half an hour and often in 10 to 20 minutes.

Introbangla hopes the establishment of its application will be visible within the next three months after the necessary licenses and government approvals are acquired. OTO will be formed as a separate company, OTO Platform Limited, for the Carrier Marketplace, with Ibnul Kais Aryan as the Managing Director of the new venture.

Introbangla applied to BRTA on 16th January for their enlistment certificate. Introbangla said consumers, carriers, retailers, small entrepreneurs and the unemployed would be benefited if the application is launched.

“We are keen to operate a self-contained carrier marketplace in Bangladesh to promote the overall ecommerce of the country through the use of our carrier marketplace and alleviating unemployment by generating jobs, ” Introbangla wrote on its official site.

Features of the OTO Application

  • OTO Trips- Rides, Fly, Ticket, Rooms
  • OTO Moves- Shifting, Trucking, Loading
  • OTO Deliveries- Parcel, Courier, Trade Pack
  • OTO Stores- Chain Storage, Moving Store

About its features, the conglomerate noted that it would provide and manage all kinds of delivery services offered by users.

“It will provide a platform for users to scope for spot purchasing. So far, there are no Buy-Now-Sell-Now arrangements or marketplaces in the country.

Introbangla said the platform would accommodate local traders and ecommerce, enabling them to sell goods and deliver on the spot through the Moving Store and Trade Packer. For this, They will take approval for the Virtual Dealership from local manufacturers.

“The proposed marketplace will be a platform where anyone or anything can be a carrier such as a Traveller, Cycle, Bike, CNG, Car, Pickup, Truck, Cargo, or Cover Van that can earn from essential delivery services. Introbangla said the proposed application is going to develop industries including Transportation, Logistics, Couriers, Trade, and Moving Billboards.

Introbangla commented that the proposed marketplace would create around 10 lakh jobs within 7 years, including office staff, buyers and sellers, and carriers. However, the Introbangla official declined to say how much money the company plans to invest in the proposed marketplace. They said Introbangla will have invested heavily and introduced the latest technology.

OTO for the Carriers

The initiative aims to create a Carrier-friendly platform and facilitate Carriers to:

  • Income insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Commission charge in hand
  • Provident fund
  • Festival bonus
  • Paid Training

According to Introbangla, the country’s carrier driver spend a significant portion of earnings on accommodations. So they can neither take proper food nor afford accommodations. Despite an eagerness for more earnings, they have no choice but to depend solely on single-sided earnings. The proposed marketplace will create a new, fruitful, and ground-breaking sector for carrier drivers with multiple incomes. The conglomerate says it believes the platform will be able to help stabilize the carrier market.

OTO’s sales strategy is based on the premise that maintaining the highest level of customer service is the easiest way to create repeat customers. This is based on the fact that the industry is relatively large and specialized, and that it is important to be known for great customer service, said its founder & CEO Mr. Ibnul Kais Aryan.

“We have divided the market segment into four categories and have built three products based on their needs,” said the CEO, Ibnul Kais Aryan. “In Segment 1, there are Consumers who intend to ship their packages, trade, ride, exchange goods, and more, while in Segment 2, there are Carriers who want to earn income or are looking for an income source; in Segment 3, there are Traders who intend to deliver quickest their commodities; and in Segment 4, there are Partners who intend to become merchant, franchisor and logistics business owner.

The initiative was Bangladesh’s leading local RoadTech platform, aiming to operate its service in 64 districts. It was started in 2017 as a transportation & logistics service called Carbangla and now it has been rebranded to OTO and scaled its features.

Trips or drives, moves or deliveries, sends or receives, buys or sells will be its features. Anytime and for everyone a one-stop on-demand Carrier Marketplace for in-demand people offering comfortable lives at home.

The main objective of the application is to generate huge subscribers through an on-demand application and generate sustainable revenue through multiple services.

Introbangla Company officials said establishing a self-contained application is time-consuming since it requires a plethora of software and updated technology. OTO has a team of experienced professionals, and a readily available technology solution comprised of three applications (OTO, OTO Carrier & OTO Partner) that form a single system.

They said the initial launch might take three to four months after the approvals are obtained. Initially, OTO application will relaunch Transportation, On-demand Parcel Delivery, and Trade Pack facilities. Later they will bring the unique services to the customer level one by one.

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